09 marzo 2011

Morir en otro

Eso de durar y transcurrir no nos da derecho a presumir 
porque no es lo mismo que vivir honrar la vida 
No, permanecer y transcurrir no siempre 
quiere sugerir honrar la vida. 
Hay tanta pequeña vanidad 
en nuestra tonta humanidad enceguecida... 
Honrar la vida - Eladia Blázquez

— Just imagine that your Daddy is the smartest man who ever lived on Earth, and he knows everything there is to find out, and he is exactly right about everything, and he can prove he is right about everything. Now imagine another little child on some nice world a million light years away, and that little child's Daddy is the smartest man who ever lived on that nice world so far away. And he is just as smart and just as right as your Daddy is. Both Daddies are smart, and both Daddies are right.
Only if they ever met each other they would get into a terrible argument, because they wouldn't agree on anything. Now, you can say that your Daddy is right and the other little child's Daddy is wrong, but the Universe is an awfully big place. There is room enough for an awful lot of people to be right about things and still not agree.
The reason both Daddies can be right and still get into terrible fights is because there are so many different ways of being right. There are places in the Universe, though, where each Daddy could finally catch on to what the other Daddy was talking about. These places are where all the different kinds of truths fit together as nicely as the parts in your Daddy's solar watch. We call these places chrono-synclastic infundibula.
Kurt Vonnegut--The sirens of Titan


Hace apenas días murió mi padre,

hace apenas tanto.

Cayó sin peso,

como los párpados al llegar

la noche o una hoja

cuando el viento no arranca, acuna.

Hoy no es como otras lluvias

hoy llueve por vez primera

               sobre el mármol de su tumba.

Bajo cada lluvia

podría ser yo quien yace, ahora lo sé,

                             ahora que he muerto en otro.

Ay cómo te extraño.
Hoy hace apenas 3 años.
Hace apenas tanto.