30 junio 2009


Escribí algo para poner acá pero al final me di cuenta de que no es lo que quiero decir. Mientras como mi compota de manzanas en esta calurosa noche de Barcelona, me acordé de algo que escribí hace un tiempo y tengo ganas de volver a decir.
Entonces, recapitulando (Recordar sumaria y ordenadamente lo que por escrito o de palabra se ha manifestado con extensión.)

I've written something to post today but I finally realized it's not quite what I would like to say. So, while I eat my apple compote in this hot Barcelona night, I realized that something I wrote a long time ago it's pretty much what I would like to say again.
Recapitulating (To repeat, to relate in brief; to summarize.)

Good luck

I never quite understood what luck meant, the concept I mean. (...)

So after all, this Patagonian Heidi can consider herself pretty lucky. She was born in an Earthly Paradise to a loveful family. You take it from there.

I just got back home after a week in Paris. (...) 7 days to keep on saving up in my great bank account of happiness. And even though I have a very hard time saying goodbyes and I’m really bad in holding my tears, they wash out my heart from weird and mixed feelings and then it’s all clean and nice and it smells like joy and gratefulness.

The sadness from goodbyes goes away when I realize that the people and the places I love si fort come with me wherever I go. I even heard it from the airport bus driver’s mouth, he told me: “N’importe où tu vas, moi j’y vais” (“Wherever you go, I’ll go”)


But I still don’t get it, what’s good luck and if I’m really a lucky woman. If everybody gets what they deserve, what did I do to get this much?.

Good luck, blessings, de la chance... or whatever it is, out there there’s somebody/something that loves me very much.